React2 5 Gum Review

react2-5-gum-review-photoThis is a review of React2 5 Gum.

I am big fan of trying new gum. If I see it in the checkout line at Walmart, Target, et. al. I will snag it. Sometimes I am very happy other times I am disappointed. With React2 5 Gum I am horribly disappointed.

The gum comes wrapped in packaging that makes it look like you’re opening a top secret experiment. The sticks, you get 15 of them , are wrapped in a faux foil sort of thing that is more plastic than paper.

The taste is, well, something to be acquired by someone else. I didn’t enjoy it in any way.

What I liked about React2 5 Gum:

Weird name – The name is weird enough to be cool.

What I didn’t like about React2 5 Gum:

Taste – The taste is just off. It says fruit, but it is more like a stale flavor.

Packaging – Packaging is something that works or doesn’t. It doesn’t.

Skip React2 5 Gum if you see it in the checkout line or on the street.

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  1. It’s a totally over-hyped product. I was actually enticed by the entire “advanced technology age” packaging; it looked really cool and promising. But the moment the gum was popped into my mouth, the horrendous taste just drags me into to the pits of disappointment… I guess they were trying to mimic the impression of “outer space food” lol.

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