Smokin Joe Jones Barbeque Sauce Review

smokin-joe-jones-barbeque-sauce-review-photoThis is a review of Smokin Joe Jones Barbeque BBQ Sauce.

Finding a low sugar, low carb barbecue sauce isn’t easy. Speaking of not easy, is it BBQ, barbecue or barbeque? I have no idea, but Smokin Joe Jones says it is barbeque.

The sauce is a thick sauce designed to be used when grilling, though you can also use it for dipping. We haven’t done that, but I am sure it is good.

What we like the most about Smokin Joe Jones:

  • It is thick. Some low sugar barbeque sauces are like water. Not Smokin Joe’s. It layers on thick.
  • It is smoky. You might not like smoky BBQ sauces, but this is delicious.
  • It grills great. Some low sugar sauces change flavor when grilled, but not this one.



What we don’t like about it:

  • One size. You can only buy the sauce in one size.

If you are looking to reduce the carbs or sugar in your diet, don’t give up. Smokin Joe Jones BBQ sauce is an excellent choice for all your grilling needs.


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