The Bakery Baron Mini Pastries Kolacky Review

the-bakery-baron-mini-pastries-kolacky-review-photoThis is a review of The Bakery Baron Mini Pastries Kolacky.

Sam’s Club offers a wonderful and ever-changing assortment of desserts. The selection is sometimes overwhelming. This is where I found myself last weekend, trying to decide which sweets we wanted to bring home for our cookout.

I called the wife and she said something fruity, but not a pie. I selected the Bakery Baron Mini Kolacky that come in apricot and raspberry flavored. They are bow-shaped with fruit filling and sugar sprinkled on them.

When we tried them, we didn’t like them. In fact, we thought we made a mistake. The dough was tasteless and they seemed heavy. We tried another and it was odd, they started tasting better. We’re not sure why or how, but the initial taste is offsetting, but eventually they are delicious.

I thought they could have had more sugar sprinkled on them, while my wife thought they should have had more filling.

If a unique dessert is what you’re looking for, grab some of the Bakery Baron Mini Pastries Kolacky.

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  1. I tried these mini pastries from Sam,s hoping they had a nice crisp flaky pastry crust with good tasting filling. The first one was soggy, flat and the filling was tasteless. I tried about ten more with the same result. They are lousy.

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