Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon Bridgeton, MO Review

lone-star-steakhouse-saloon-bridgeton-mo-review-photoThis is a review of Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon in Bridgeton, Missouri.

Lone Star is a national steakhouse chain that specializes in Texas type food. They are affordably priced and feature bar service.

In the last few weeks I’ve placed a couple of large orders to go and wanted to share what I found:

Food quality is high – The quality of the food is high. The steaks were cooked well and the salads had no spoilage at all. Even the fried foods weren’t weighed down by extra grease.

Food taste is average – If you’re expecting to experience cuisine that is daring and other worldy, don’t. The taste of the food is pretty average, which I am sure you know well. It is a national chain, so they cannot go outside the normal.

Service is fantastic – Both trips I had large orders and dealt with the bartender for ordering and delivery. The ordering was great with the bartender repeating my order and walking through all available options. Delivery was as simple as walking in and getting the food. The bartender made sure everything was in the bags and offered additional condiments.

Value is moderate – There isn’t great savings in eating at Lone Star, but you won’t be gouged either.

Lone Star offers great service at the Bridgeton location and an acceptable value.

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