Man on Fire Review

man-on-fire-review-photoThis is a movie review of Man on Fire.

Denzel Washington is one of the finer actors of the current generation. Any movie he is in is elevated to a higher plane. Such is the fact with the movie Man on Fire.

The movie is a remake of a previous Man on Fire that didn’t fare well. In this edition Denzel plays a down on his luck, alcoholic mercenary hired as a bodyguard in Mexico. His assignment is to watch over Dakota Fanning and things go well well, until she is kidnapped.

At this point, the movie takes on a darker tone as Washington works through the underbelly of the Mexican crime world looking for any clues to the whereabouts of Fanning. His methods are physical and his tone violent, but he does get his answers.

What I liked about this movie:

Washington – His acting is visceral and you feel his pain as he confronts not only himself, but the actions he must take to find Fanning.

Cinematography – The film is gorgeous and you feel immersed in Mexico whether it is in the inner city or rural areas.

Plot – Excellent plot with a number of twists that make sense as they unfold.

What I didn’t like about this movie:

Nothing – The movie is pretty much spot on perfect.

If you’re looking for an action movie with a great, heart hitting story, you cannot go wrong with Man on Fire.



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