Swipe Four Review

swipe-four-review-photoThis is a review of the iPhone/iPad app Swipe Four.

I am not really a big game player. When I started with the iPad and iPhone none of the games appealed to me. Although I tried many, none really stuck with me. Well, none until I came across Swipe Four.

Swipe Four is a game based on creating four letter words. It’s akin to Boggle, but a little more disciplined. You start with four letters, make a word and then go from there. The words you make gather points based on their placement on the board. You can also get points for being fast and not making a mistake.

Speaking of mistakes, if you attempt to spell a word that doesn’t exist or is wrong you lose one of your extra lives. After four tries your game ends. You can gain extra lives by making a word on a bonus tile that pop up from time to time.

The screenshot in this article is my high score ever. I usually peter out around level 12, so the game is very consistent. It gets harder with tougher letters like Z, J or Y and limiting the number of vowels you are given.

Once the game is over it’ll contact home and see if you have a high score. If you do, congrats!

Swipe Four is a fabulous game for engaging your brain and enjoying your creativity.

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