Diamondback Wildwood Deluxe Bike Review

diamondback-wildwood-reviewThis is a review of the Diamondback Wildwood Deluxe.

Having not owned a bike in over 15 years, I wasn’t prepared for the changes in the bike industry. Last time I went to buy a bike there were two choices: 1) 10 speed and 2) Non-10 speed. Oh, times have changed.

You can now choose among ten different varieties of bikes. Comfort, road, racing, etc. It really does boggle the mind. My main motivation for getting a bike was to exercise, so I wanted to get something that was comfortable. The Diamondback Wildwood Deluxe was perfect for me.

Known as a hybrid comfort bike, it is designed for a variety of different uses, but more recreation. I use it primarily for road biking.

In my road biking I don’t like to ride with others and I prefer to stay off rural roads, so it is a ton of city type riding. The bike holds up well, though it isn’t the lightest it is very stable and tough.

If you’re looking for a bike to get back into the swing of things, jump on this one.

An example of one of my rides:


July 4th weekend

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