The Happening Movie Review

The Happening Movie Review PhotoThis is a review of the movie The Happening.

The Happening is a movie by M. Night Shyamalan starring Mark Wahlberg. It is lampooned on the internet for being serious about a silly subject, but I enjoyed the premise.

Wahlberg is a city teacher engaging his students on science topics when news reports begin describing bizarre deaths. People walking off buildings, stabbing themselves or jumping from trees.

There is something afoot, something happening, but no one knows what. At first everyone thinks it is a terrorist action, but pretty soon people begin to notice nature has an effect.

The story grows from an initial confusion about what is happening to a road trip across rural Pennsylvania trying to out run the happening.

Wahlberg has been lampooned for his performance, but he does a pretty good job with what he is given. Remember, the film isn’t a stunning insight into science fiction, but a really good what-if based on a ridiculous premise.

If you go in expecting entertainment instead of answers you’ll enjoy the film.

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