Ice Breakers Fruit Punch Review

Ice Breakers Fruit Punch Review PhotoThis is a review of Ice Breakers Fruit Punch.

The Hershey Company killed my favorite mints, Ice Breakers Orangeade, so it is only natural they replace the flavor. Many of you have had the same issue I did when they discontinued the flavor. Luckily, my local target had a stash of the Orangeade, so I am just now running out. They have begun replacing it with Fruit Punch flavor.

The mints are packaged just like the rest of the Ice Breakers. A round 2-3 inch diameter plastic container with two openings, one for sharing and the other for yourself.

How do the Ice Breakers Fruit Punch taste?

Not as good as the Orangeade. Yes, I know they were the gold standard, but the Fruit Punch ones aren’t that bad. They have a little apple over bearing taste, which is odd considering the packaging makes it look like the flavor should be Pineapple, Orange, Cherry and Granny Smith apple.

If you miss the fruit mints for Ice Breaker, the Fruit Punch flavor deserves a look.


  1. We are out in Longbeach Ca. where can we find the fruit punch IceBreakers they are the best!!!!!!!!
    We were in NC and bought them and have not been able to find them.

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