Anchorman Review

Classic comedy is one of those things you never get tired of. Anchorman brings it into today’s standards remarkably well.¬†

Anchorman is the journey of Ron Burgandy, Will Ferrell,  from anchorman of the top rated newscast to the homeless man begging strangers. The cause of his downfall is a woman coming in and taking over his newsroom. Oh, yeah, it is the 1970s, too.

The woman is played by Christina Applegate and she does a great job dealing with the sexist and abusive nature of the workplace in the 1970s. She is brought in under pressure and Ron tries his best to force her out. Yes, there is raunchy humor, but it is well played and not too over the top.

Among the play between Christina and Will is the interspersing of secondary characters including the other anchors on the newscast. Sports, weather and main reported and Ron’s cohorts and they add to the humor. At one point the “gang” of anchor men from one station take on other stations. It is hilarious since all the weapons would maim or kill. No one dies, but someone is left armless.

I liked everything about Anchorman and I think you will, too. Classic comedy brought into the future and something that is culturally relevant. A great combination.

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