Nature’s Hollow Sugar Free Peach Preserves Review

When I cook low carb I like to try to get a sense of normalcy. To this end, I’m always looking for sugar free substitutes for what I eat and Nature’s Hollow delivers with their Peach preserves.

Contained in the glass jar is the best tasting preserves I have ever tried whether they be sugar free or not. There are chunks of peaches swirling inside the glaze and it is delicious.

What I like about Nature Hollow Sugar Free Peach Preserves:

  1. Peaches – As I mentioned, there are actual pieces of peaches inside. The flavor is not diminished by the jar or can you taste an aftertaste.
  2. Spreadablility – I am unsure that is even a word, but the preserves spread very well on whatever you put it on.
  3. Xylitol – Instead of using a synthetic replacement, they’ve chosen to use something natural. Kudos.

What I don’t like about Nature Hollow Sugar Free Peach Preserves:

  1. Price – We buy ours through Netrition online and it costs $4.99 for 10 ounces. Compare that to normal preserves at the grocery and it runs 30% or so more.

All in all, you cannot get a better tasting preserve if you enjoy low carb eating or watching your sugar. Nature’s Hollow is the peach in everyone’s day.

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