The Breed Movie Review

You want to watch The Breed for the following reasons:

  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Unique horror twist.
  • You have some time to burn.

The Breed is one of those movies that is just good enough to keep you watching. The plot centers on a group of young people headed out for a little rest and relaxation. Sounds cliche, right?

It is.

It all starts with a setup showing a woman killed, but quickly moves to the group of people headed onto the island via sea plane. There are two brothers, Matt and John, whose Uncle owned the island before passing on. The group has a good time, but you know something is going to happen. Eventually, a puppy shows up. Cue to the action.

The puppy leads to more dogs that leads to the heart of the movie. How do you escape an island where the genetically modified and selectively bred dogs know enough to scuttle your plane?

The group does a good job surviving and the action is pretty good. You know when Michelle Rodriguez is in a film it is going to have some action! Wes Craven was a producer, so the ride is worth the payoff at the end.

What I liked about The Breed:

  1. Michelle Rodriguez – She is a great actress in parts like this that need action and some understanding you’re not winning an Oscar.
  2. The Premise – Dogs on an island selectively bred and enhanced. I liked it.

What I didn’t like:

  1. The Ending – I expected better from Wes Craven. The end made it seem like they did what was expected.

I don’t think Wes Craven was too active in the movie, but it is worth a watch if you like Michelle Rodriguez and unique plots.

Trailer for The Breed:

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