Yes to Cookies Strawberry Banana Blitz Review

Yes to Cookies was a product that popped us new on our monthly Netrition visit. The cookies are listed as being “Truly sugar free gluten free” as opposed to falsely. Whenever you see the words gluten free and sugar free together it usually spells trouble.

We ordered the Strawberry Banana Blitz flavor and when they arrived we tried them. Now, understand that any kind of “free” cookie will have trade offs in taste, texture or size.

Yes to Cookies has none of these. They are delicious and well deserving of a normal cookie rotation let alone any kind of free cookie.

What I liked about Yes to Cookies Strawberry Banana Blitz:

  1. Taste – The taste is good, very good. The cookies are sweetened with Stevia, so there is no chemical after taste. The strawberry overshadows the banana, but not enough to cause problems.
  2. Texture – Some people will disagree, but I like softer cookies rather than hard ones. Yes to Cookies are not pliable, but they are soft enough to pass the test. They aren’t like cardboard and do not feel like stones.


What I disliked about Yes to Cookies Strawberry Banana Blitz:

  1. Storage – Do you know how to turn Yes to Cookies into cardboard and stone? Put them in the refrigerator. I don’t know why, but they become hard when stored in the fridge.

The story of how Yes to Cookies came into existence is inspiring and is a story of love and happiness.

If you want to learn how to love a “free” cookie you need to order these today.

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