Carbquik Review – Low Carb Baking Mix

This is a review of Carbquik Baking Mix.

When you eat low carb your options for baked goods is slim to none. Carbquik is a baking mix designed for a low carb diet. It is like other baking mixes in that you can use it for a variety of purposes. It doesn’t include sugar alcohols and is actually based on real flour and not a soy or rice replacement.


Carbquik tastes delicious. You’re not going to mistake a full flour cake or biscuit for a Carbquik one, but it is close enough that you won’t miss it. There is no after taste and none of the chemical taste that sometimes happens with other low carb baking products.

The biggest difference you’ll notice is that it is very hard to get a Carbquik creation to be airy. Through trial and error I’ve found that the less you touch it, the more airy your creation will be.

We’ve served Carbquik cheese biscuits and shortcakes to guests and no one knew it was low carb.

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Since it is a baking mix, Carbquik offers you the ability to make a ton of things. Some of the better recipes from their site we enjoy:

We probably use 75% of each box for the cheese biscuits, they are that good.

The only thing that disappointed us was the pizza crust, but some people might prefer a softer crust.

Carbquik brings the ease of baking to those following a low carb lifestyle. You can make a variety of recipes that taste almost identical to the carb filled options. Seriously, you need to buy this.

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