Review of DAP Pro Caulk

This is a review of the tool DAP 09125 Pro Caulk Tool Kit.

I suck at house maintenance, which is surprising since we own a house. I know, it makes no sense. Still, when the opportunity presented itself to impress my wife, who happens to be a fantastic home repair person, I had to seize it.

She was out-of-town over a long weekend, so I took the plunge and decided to recaulk the tub. I chose the DAP Pro Caulk at my local WalMart to help me out.

What You Get

The kit comes with the following:

  • Caulk removal tool
  • Mini caulk tool.
  • Three other caulk sizing tools.

The package is very hard to open since it is sealed plastic. Once you get it open there are instructions, but jump online and find out the theory behind caulking.

How it Works

It works pretty well. I followed the directions to the letter, which means I removed all old caulk and cleaned the open areas. I let it dry over night just to make sure. The caulk removal tool they include is flimsy plastic and really doesn’t work well going against old, thick caulk. I ended up using a table knife and elbow grease to remove the caulk.

The key with caulking is to UNDER SHOOT the caulk. I am not even sure if the SHOOT is the right word. Dispense? Whatever. Do not squeeze to large of a bead into the area being caulked. If you do, it’s going to look horrible.

Review of DAP Pro Caulk PhotoThe tools included do a great job of making your seam look like a pro did it. You do need a few things:

  1. Patience – Do not rush this process.
  2. Cleaning – Make sure you clean and dry thoroughly the area to be caulked.
  3. Water – I suggest making sure the tools are cleaned as you use them.

Why You Want It

Let’s face it, caulking sucks. The DAP Pro Caulk¬†tool helps you make the caulking look good. It doesn’t make sure you don’t use too much nor does it make sure you actually do the caulking. It does one thing and that is make your work look good. Well worth the money.

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