Review of Japango Sushi and Noodle Restaurant in Toronto

This is a Review of Japango Sushi and Noodle Restaurant in Toronto. Toronto (Berlitz Pocket Guides)

japango-sushi-chefs-workingWhile on business in Toronto, Canada, I had the pleasure of dining at Japango Sushi and Noodle. I say pleasure since the food was delicious and the staff very helpful.


You won’t believe it, but I stumbled upon the restaurant. We ventured from our hotel and I mentioned I saw a Japanese restaurant on an earlier walk through the city. We walked and walked, but no dice. I fired up Around Me and it pointed out Japango a block away. Lucky us.

When we arrived someone was just leaving and told us there were no seats. Entering anyway, we saw why they would say that. There is seating for 12 people, maybe 15 maximum. Tight would be a compliment. When in Rome and all, we decided to stay.

Japango Soft Shelled Crab Sushi Photo

Our table was opposite the area where the chefs worked their sushi magic. Not being a fan of sushi, I was captivated by how they assembled each piece with flourishing touches.


The chefs weren’t the only staff delight. The serving team made every effort to explain the menu and offered helpful hints on what we’d like based on our preferences. They suggested an excellent soft shelled crab for me, as I don’t like raw sushi.


Japango Citrus Infused Salad PhotoThe food was delicious. The soft shelled crab sushi was a homerun, as was the cirtus infused salad. Top notch and mout watering. Seriously. As I write this I wish I could get more of the sushi. The noodle dish we ordered was good, too, just not a homerun.

The portions were a good size and the value was tremendous.

If you find yourself in downtown Toronto, you’d be remiss if you don’t check out Japango. A great value and superb food.

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  1. My friend I stopped by this restaurant when touring around Toronto a few months ago. We both are fans of Japanese food, and I really liked their raw food sashimi. Their quality of ingredient was good, and the food was quite affordable and worth the value. It does go to show why it’s difficult to find seats; fortunately there was only 2 people in my group. I think they should really consider expanding their restaurant that’s for sure.

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