Review of Meteor starring Sean Connery

This is a review of the 1979 movie Meteor starring Sean Connery.

Meteor is a movie that shows the silliness that can happen when Hollywood mixes in some science for fun. It comes in at about 1:45 and is an enjoyable romp. The movie isn’t expected to be ground breaking, but it is a neat watch in the late 1970s science fiction genre.


What drew me to this film was a Peter Fonda kick I was on. He is cast as the President of the United States, but he isn’t the only other big name star. Sean Connery plays a scientist, while Natalie Wood plays a translator. Brian Keith and Karl Malden round out your top 5 of stars wondering why they are in this movie.

World Trade Center hit by meteorSpecial Effects

The late 1970s was a time of transition for special effects. Star Wars set the standard and everyone else was trying to keep up. Meteor uses old school special effects that are hit and miss.

One of the more impressive action shots is when New York is hit by a meteor fragment. It’s all standard stuff, but it works very well bringing you into the action.

Why You’ll Like It

Meteor tells the story of a meteor on a collision course with Earth. Both the United States and USSR have ballistic missile platforms orbiting in space, which is against internal law and treaty. Sean Connery plays the chief United States scientist, while Brian Keith plays the chief USSR scientist.

One of the more cleverly acted parts of the movie occurs when Keith, Connery and Wood speak Russian and English while dancing around tipping their hands about the space platforms. Speaking in metaphor and drama, they eventually find common ground to trust each other and move on.

The pace of the film is well done with no slow downs. I did think Martin Landau’s character of a hawkish US general was too much, but I guess you have to expect it in the late 1970s.

Do they save the world? Do they save themselves? You’ll have to spend some time to find out, but it is well worth it.

Meteor is a fun movie to watch showing the transition from old school special effects to computer generated efforts.

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  1. The effects of the movie is probably my biggest compliment. My teachers played this movie in school right after our mid-year examinations period. It’s very well-done, and I especially enjoyed the nostalgic old school effects, which really brings back memories. Well, I didn’t really like Martin Landau’s personality either, but it does suit the movie after all.

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