Review of Skinny Pop Popcorn

This is a review of The Big Skinny Popcorn Large 10 Oz. Bag…No Artificial Anything….39 calories per cup.

When you snack, you want to feel good about yourself. Skinny Pop allows you to do that and it tastes great! It is prepopped popcorn sold in different sized bags.

Why Skinny Pop Rocks

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Let me get this out here now, Skinny Pop is expensive compared to other popcorn. While we usually shop on price alone, Skinny Pop sets itself apart from other popcorn makes for the following reasons:

All Natural – Three┬áingredients: Popcorn, sunflower oil and salt. Let’s look at a competitor’s ingredients for pre-popped popcorn.

Light – I don’t know how they do it, but the popcorn is light and airy. Sometimes pre-popped popcorn sits in your hand heavy and gunky. Not Skinny Pop.

Taste – They’ve corned the market on taste. Fresh and perfectly seasoned.

Warnings About Skinny Pop

There are a couple of things you need to be warned about:
  1. Addicting – Skinny Pop is addicting, so it is best to pour yourself a bowl and not just eat from the bag. Experience shows that an open bag quickly becomes an empty bag. This is especially true if you have kids in the house.
  2. Keep it Closed – Between Skinny Pop sessions, yes, we call them sessions, make sure the bag is sealed tightly. Skinny Pop will begin to go stale if the bag isn’t closed tightly overnight.

Skinny Pop isn’t just great popcorn, but a great snack. If you’re looking for something light, tasty and near guilt free, eat Skinny Pop.

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