The Midnight Meat Train Movie Review

This is a review of the movie The Midnight Meat Train (Unrated Director’s Cut).

The Midnight Meat Train is a movie that starts down one road, leads to another and you find yourself loving the quick hour and a half confusing ride. It is a violent, gory movie, so be ready.


Bradley Cooper stars in the movie, but the person who steals the show is the quiet, strong and resilient Vinnie Jones. Vinnie has been in a ton of movie, but you’ll recognize him immediately from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The rest of the cast is good in the film, but Vinnie takes the screen time.


The Midnight Meat Train Review PhotoWhat would you do if you stumbled across a modern-day serial killer who appears to be immortal? Bradley Cooper does just that and it is a wicked ride. Cooper plays a photographer who happens to snap a shot Jones in action.

Jones’ killing method is to sequester someone on a train car and use any and all means to kill them in a bloody fashion. The death scenes are well executed and gory. If you’re a fan of the gore, you cannot miss the first killing shot where blood causes movement you might not expect.

As the story continues, Cooper finds himself convinced that Jones is somehow connected to early 1900s killings. His passion for finding the truth leads to Cooper’s own rebirth as something he doesn’t like.

Why You’ll Like It

There are three reasons to watch The Midnight Meat Train:

  1. Story – The story is clever and well thought out. It’s creative and believable.
  2. Gore – Trapped on a train against an experienced killer. Yep, it is full of gore.
  3. Ending – I’ll admit, I didn’t see it coming.

The Midnight Meat Train might not have been popular when it was released, but it is a well made horror movie.

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  1. The gore scenes were disturbing, even for a gore fan myself, but they were really well done. The entire show was filled with suspense and horror, with an excellent storyline, unlike many horror movies which don’t even have a proper story, or at least an interesting one like this show. They should make this movie available on 3D to further enhance the effects!

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