The Stuff Movie Review

This s a review of the movie The Stuff.

Before we start, you need to watch the trailer for its 1980s hokey goodness:

Alright, you get the gist of the movie? Someone finds creamy, sweet deliciousness oozing from the ground and decides to sell it. Things don’t go right, though.


This is a who’s who of 1980s busy actors. Check out who was involved:

  • Michael Moriarty – Law and Order was calling.
  • Andrea Marcovicci – Hill Street Blues alum.
  • Garrett Morris – Saturday Night Live spawned his career.
  • Paul Sorvino – Take your pick of gangster movies.
  • Danny Aiello – Before his Spike Lee roles.

The cast does a good job with the material presented. See, I am not sure if this was supposed to be a real horror/sci fi movie or a spoof of real horror/sci fi movies.

The Stuff Movie Review PhotoThe movie opens with the discovery of a goo oozing from the ground. Someone decides to taste it, finds it to be delicious and a new foodstuff is born. Everyone eats the stuff, but things start to change. Very soon some people begin to realize that the stuff is taking over.

Most of the movie is Moriarty  trying to figure out what is going on. He’s an industrial spy hired by the ice cream and junk food industries to beat back The Stuff. What he discovers is The Stuff taking over humans.

What You’ll Like

The movie is cheesy and sometimes boring, but a number of things you’ll enjoy:

Special Effects – Nothing computer generated, which adds to the fun. How many times can you show white marshmallow like goo in attacking stages? The Stuff does a good job of showing how old school special effects can make it work.

Moriarty  – The seriousness he brought to Law and Order is front and center here. You easily see him taking everything in as he looks around and figures the pieces out. At certain points you can tell he doesn’t really believe it, and that makes the movie work.

The Stuff isn’t award winning and it won’t be on anyone’s top ten list, but it is a good 90 minute run that is enjoyable and attention getting. Remember, we’re dealing with the 1980s, so the acting and special effects are of the era.


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