Arm And Hammer Scrub Free with Oxy Review

This is a review of Arm And Hammer Scrub Free With Oxy.

In our household we split the chores, sort of. I’ve been able to ensure I only do the tasks I like, which works out most of the time. My wife hates doing the bathroom, so it is left to me. I don’t mind.

Clean bathrooms are a neat perk when you wake up in the morning. You walk in, everything is put away and looks great. The only issue is the tub and shower. It is hard to get them really clean. Knowing this, I’ve tried many products and the latest one is the Arm and Hammer Scrub Free with Oxy.

While the rest of the family was out of town, I decided to recaulk the bathroom. To prepare, I wanted to make sure it was clean and this was an awesome time to try out the new cleaner.

What I like about Arm and Hammer Scrub Free with Oxy

Arm And Hammer Scrub Free with Oxy Review PhotoAnything with Oxy has the “power of oxygen” and this is a good thing.

It Cleans – The power of Oxy seemed to cut right through the grime that accumulated on the walls of the shower. You have to let is sit and do its job, though.

Fast – The product cleans fast and you can tell it’s working due to the fact the streams of the cleaner leave a streak of cleanliness behind.

My only issue is the smell. Make sure you’re doing this with the door open and the bathroom fan running.

If you hate cleaning the bathroom Arm and Hammer Scrub Free with Oxy can make it much easier on you. If you like cleaning the bathroom this a great way to do it.

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