Attack the Block Movie Review

This is a review of the movie Attack the Block.

Attack the Block is a British sci-fi horror movie that features comedic elements. It is the first movie from director Joe Cornish and is a movie that entertains and keeps your attention throughout. Coming in at about an hour and twenty minutes, the pacing is well done without any filler.

The story follows a group of people, primarily a teenage gang, that wards off an alien invasion in a British neighborhood. It starts off with a crime and finishes with a standing ovation. Interspersed are drug dealers, vendettas and, well, aliens.

What you will like about Attack the Block

There are a number of things you’re going to like:

The Comedy: The jokes are well times and some are sight gags, which everyone will get. Seriously, you could see yourself in a similar situation noticing the futility and unbelievable circumstance.

John Boyega – The actor plays Moses, the gang leader. He does an incredible job with the hard edge of a gang leader, but also the caring of the group fighting the aliens. Boyega nevers lets Moses lose his edge up until the end of the movie. Seriously, it is a terrific acting job.

The Weapons – The gang retreat to their homes and assemble an odd toolbox of weapons. Everything from baseball bats to fireworks and manage to put them to use beating back the aliens.

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What you might not like about Attack the Block

There are only two things you might have an issue with:

Slang – There is British slang used in the film and you might not be able to catch it all. Don’t worry, though, the acting is so sensational you can piece together the meaning.

Wrap Up – The film sort of ends. There is a small lead up, but it wraps quickly.

Attack the Block is an excellent film for a weekend night viewing. Entertaining, quick of pace and fun.

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  1. I like to hear different reviews and opinions before watching a film. My boss at Dish was the first person to tell me about this movie. He was very excited about this film, and suggested it to me when I told him how much I loved Shaun of the Dead. I’m not sure if I will have a problem with the slang, but I can always add subtitles while watching this movie. I have a Blockbuster @home account and I’m going to take back the rental I received in the mail yesterday, and rent this one from the store tonight.

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