Before I Self Destruct Movie Review

This is a review of the movie Before I Self Destruct.

I don’t know whether to call him 50 Cent or Curtis Jackson. Regardless, he is the writer, director and star of the movie, Before I Self Destruct. I didn’t buy this, but saw it on Netflix. For some reason Netflix thought I would enjoy it.

They were right.

Going by in less than 90 minutes, Before I Self Destruct shows the story of Clarence, 50 Cent, and how he falls into the life of an assassin. A very good assassin. The genesis of his killing streak is the blatant dive by shooting of his mother for no reason. 50 Cent tracks the guy down and kills him. All done, right? Nope. 50 Cent has a younger, genius brother he has to provide for. This begins his assassination career.

What you will like about Before I Self Destruct

Short – The movie is very short, so there isn’t time for it to get bogged down. It is really a pretty linear shot through the plot.

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50 Cent – Say what you will about his rap, but he has a future as an actor. A little rough, but it was interesting to see him bring an edge to the role.

Clifton Powell – He plays the employer of 50 Cent and he plays the part perfectly.

What you might not like about Before I Self Destruct

The plot has a few holes and the reason 50 Cent finds himself in the situation in the end is silly. Seriously, watch the movie and think about how he ends up in it.

Before I Self Destruct isn’t going to win any awards, but it is a creative effort worthy of your attention. The scenes between 50 Cent and Clifford Powell are just sensational.

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