Dreamfields Pasta Review

This is a review of  Dreamfields Pasta.

When you eat low carb you lose pasta. You can substitute for bread, ice cream, cookies and many more things, but pasta is a no go. Sure, there are some home recipes that claim to be pasta, but they aren’t. If you try them you’ll end up with glops upon goo upon messy splotches of not tasty stand ins. Dreamfields is a company that claims to have brought pasta back to the low carb dinner table, but I’ve heard that before.

How is Dreamfields Low Carb?

Dreamfields readily admits that their pasta is delicious, but they also claim there are only 5 grams of digestible carbs. When you look on the box at their nutrition facts it clearly states way more than 5 grams … more like 40. How is this? False nutritional info? Nope, science.

They do a great job explaining why this is so. (There is a great video on their site, but there is no way to embed it or even point you to a specific URL for it):

… our patented formula and unique manufacturing process protects all but 5 grams of carbohydrates from being digested.

Until I went to their site I assumed they sprayed something onto the pasta to let it “slide” through. Not so. The pasta actually defends against digestion until it gets to the colon where very few additional nutrients are absorbed.

Dreamfields Pasta Review Photo

You cook Dreamfields the same way you’d cook other pasta with one big exception … do not overcook it. From reading online I learned overcooking leads to a breakdown in the “protective matrix” defense mechanism the pasta employs against your digestive system. Yes, it sounds like a video game.

Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t let Dreamfields sit around or use it in leftovers since the protective matrix may go away. The interesting thing about this is their Lasagna product won’t breakdown after cooking twice.

How does Dreamfields Pasta Taste?

Delicious. I’ve used it with Skyline Chili and tomato based sauces without an issue. It cooks quickly, drains easily and tastes sensational.

There are a couple of things I noticed:

Clean water – It seems the water leftover from boiling is very clean compared to other pastas. This might have to do with protective matrix.

Sticky – Eat it right when you cook it. If it sits for more than 15 minutes it becomes sticky, like regular pasta, but even more so.

I am not a diabetic, so I don’t measure my blood sugar; my interest in Dreamfields is from the low carb standpoint. Others online have reported mixed blood sugar readings when eating Dreamfields.

We love eating Dreamfields as part of our low carb meal planning. It’s delicious and offers many options!

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