Good & Delish Macadamia Nuts Review

This is a review of Good & Delish Macadamia Nuts from Walgreens.

Walgreens is going through a rebranding effort and it has touched their nuts. They used to offer a great selection of nuts and they were great. The last time I looked at their macadamia nuts I said:

 If you’re in the mood for a healthy snack and need it asap, stop by Walgreens and grab some macadamia nuts.

They were a great deal and tasted perfect. Imagine my shock when I went into Walgreens and saw the Good & Delish brand of macadamia nuts.

What I think of the Good & Delish Macadamia Nuts

I bought the larger size coming in at 6.5 ounces and paid over $6. This is a premium price, but there was a sale where you get the next one 50% if you buy two. My total cost came to $9 or so for two cans.

The first can was great. Great tasting, fresh and just like a macadamia nut should be. They are lightly salted, but you barely noticed. The second can was just awful. I don’t know if macadamia nuts expire, but these were darker brown and not as crisp. They broke apart easy in my mouth and left a bad after taste.

I haven’t been back to taste them again, because I cannot tell what I am getting. What I hope is that this was a once off and they aren’t all like this.

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