Kirkwood Public Library Review

This is a review of the Kirkwood Public Library.

Kirkwood is an excellent city to live in. Boasting a ton of city services, the real treasure might be the library. Originally opened in 1940 at the current location, the library has undergone a few renovations that resulted in the modern, traditional mix building that stands today. The Kirkwood Public Library (KPL) is unique among the St. Louis area in that it is a municipality funded library; only a few other municipalities in the area have their own libraries.

What you get at KPL

The average operating budget for KPL is around 1.5 million dollars a year, which gets card holders:

  • Access to computers including laptops
  • Wireless internet
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Books
  • Meeting rooms
  • Periodicals
  • Teen room
  • Children’s room

The real value to patrons are the librarians. Each is certified and very helpful regarding issues of circulation, reference or research.

The facility

KPL recently underwent a substantial face-lift that gave the building a modern touch. A few of the things that are nice about the changes:

  • More sunlight
  • Middle staircase is gorgeous
  • Modern elevators

One of the drawbacks of the face-lift was the open and airiness the prior interior featured. This was mostly due to the need to make the old mezzanine an enclosed area for a full floor of use.

Kirkwood Public Library Review PhotoThe fabric chairs in the periodical section are very comfortable and feature fold away desktops. The wood chairs at the reading tables are colonial in style, I think, and a very uncomfortable for long periods of sitting.


There are plenty of outlets for use throughout the building and the internet connection has good reach. During busy times the internet connection becomes saturated, but it is free.

The provided PCs and laptops have Windows XP with Microsoft Office installed. They have internet connections and you can print from them for a charge.

Kirkwood Public Library has done a fantastic job transitioning into the 21 century. Their focus on providing for the citizens of Kirkwood is only met by their ability to deliver. KPL is a jewel in the St. Louis suburbs.

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