La Linea – The Line Movie Review

This is a review of the movie La Linea РThe Line.

One of the things I love about movies is the passing of time as scene through casting. Over the years Ray Liotta has been an action star, a leading man, a romantic interest. Nowadays he’s a character actor that can be both good and bad. The Line is a movie that shows you can have an action drama genre movie that keeps your attention and entertains.

The movie follows a drug lord, Andy Garcia, and his nephew, Esai Morales, as they work through the impending death or Garcia and hand over of power to Morales. The movie takes place in Mexico and features a couple of plot twists you can figure out if you pay attention.

The movie has some violence and bad language, but they add to the story rather than compose the story.

La Linea - The Line Movie Review PhotoWhat I liked about The Line

Ensembles – Some movies try to overwhelm you with an ensemble cast, but not The Line. They do a fantastic job throughout the movie ensuring the actors are all involved. No surprise reveals or quick scenes for a big name actor.

The Plot Twists – There are two plots twists, one minor and one major, that are well done. You won’t see the major one happen.

Action Scenes – Ray Liotta knows an action scene and it is enjoyable watching him back in the saddle with it.

What I didn’t like about The Line

Valerie Cruz’s character – It isn’t that I didn’t like her acting, but the actual character she portrays. It is hard to explain without giving too much of the movie’s ending away, but it left me with a wrong after thought.

The Line is a movie that scooted by without many people seeing, which is a shame. It is worth your time as an enjoyable vehicle for Garcia and Liotta.

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