Legendary Movie Review

This is a review of the movie Legendary.

John Cena is someone I was unfamiliar with before this movie. It turns out he’s a professional wrestler. Who knew?┬áThis is a good thing since Legendary deals with wrestling.

Legendary tells the story of high schooler, Devon Graye, and his choice to begin wrestling in high school. You quickly learn that his family has lost their father and the older brother, John Cena, has left the town.

What I liked about Legendary

Legendary Movie Review PhotoActing – Graye goes on an unannounced trip to seek out his brother’s help with wrestling as he was a former high school champion. The scene where Graye shows up at the brother’s house is stirring and uncomfortable. Graye does a great job making you feel the uneasiness and excitement of the moment.

Wrestling – Ok, Cena is pretty talented and it shows in this movie. Nothing grandiose, but the imparting of knowledge from one brother to another. The exercises, work outs and practices are intriguing and will hold your attention.

Length – At about an hour and a half it is perfectly timed. Hardly any part drags and the wrestling scenes at the end are done very well.

Legendary is a feel good movie that accomplishes the goal of keeping you entertained.

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