Review of Spoon and Fork Japanese Thai

This is a review of the restaurant Spoon and Fork Japanese Thai in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

When I heard this was the restaurant selection for lunch I was a little dismayed. Japanese and Thai aren’t my favorite types of cuisine, so I was unsure what was on the menu. You know that feeling you get when you sort of like the cuisine, but it isn’t your favorite.

After eating, I can tell you Spoon and Fork does it right.

What it is like

Review of Spoon and Fork Japanese Thai PhotoThe restaurant is open and inviting with a mixture of booths, tables and chairs. Our group was large, so we sat at a booth on one side and chairs on the other. Very comfortable. The decor is modern with great tones and sharp furniture, especially the waiting area up front.

Great service starts before you even sit down. The hostess offered to hold our luggage for us while we ate, which I found to be fantastic. The wait staff were attentive and did a great job explaining the lunch option to us. We could order off the menu or take the all you can eat option. Everyone took the all you can eat. Instead of being ushered to a buffet, you order selections from a menu and they are brought to your table.

A few times I found myself trying to choose between two options and our server said, “Don’t worry I’ll bring you both.” I tried to protest, but he assured me the portion sizes were smaller than normal, and he was right. They were perfect sized, which allowed sampling of a variety of food I wouldn’t try otherwise.

What I liked about Spoon and Fork Japanese Thai

Everything – The price … perfect. The ambiance relaxing. Wait staff … patient, accommodating and responsive. Food … delicious.

If you’re looking for a great lunch or dinner, I cannot recommend Spoon and Fork Japanese Thai more.


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