Run Silent, Run Deep Movie Review

This is a movie review of Run Silent, Run Deep.

One of my favorite actors is Burt Lancaster and I went through a run of watching his movies. Run Silent, Run Deep features him and Clark Gable as World War II submariners.

The movie pits Gable, a captain, against his first officer, Lancaster. The plot of the movie involves Gable coming back into service after having lost a submarine to Japanese forces. Driven by revenge and honor, Gable relentlessly drills his crew on preparing for battle. This confuses the crew as they are ordered to not enter the waters where there would be armed conflict. All this changes when Gable orders the submarine into the enemy waters.

Lancaster assumes control of the submarine and the situation grows worse by the minute.

What I liked about Run Silent, Run Deep

Run Silent, Run Deep Movie Review PhotoActing – Both Lancaster and Gable were at the top of their games in this film. You can feel the passion, vengeance and vulnerability in Gable. Lancaster makes you feel the honor, loyalty and conflict as he determines the proper course of action.

Pace – The movie runs along well, especially the battle preparation scenes. You get the details, but not the granular tasks. THe crew does a great job expressing their exasperation.

Resolution – The film resolves in the proper way that is somewhat expected. It mirrors the real life careers of Gable and Lancaster at this point in their careers.

Run Silent, Run Deep is an enjoyable showing two actors at their best. The plot is well rooted and the pace is fantastic!

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