Schnucks premium chunk white chicken review

This is a review of Schnucks premium chunk white chicken.

Schnucks is a regional grocery store in the St. Louis area and my go to place when I forget my lunch. They have a fine number of private label products and their premium chunk white chicken is one of them.

When you buy canned chicken there are a few things to avoid:

Price – You can get ripped off.

Fillers – Many companies add things into their chicken. I just want chicken.

Schnucks comes through on both counts.

What I like about Schnucks Premium Chunk White Chicken

While they sell regular chunk chicken, the premium is worth the extra fifty cents. There are no fillers and it is all white meat; 10 ounces and is enough for a couple of good sized wraps.

The can is easy to open with any standard can opener and the smell is very good. No chemicals or off smells are present. The chunks appear to be true meat chunks and not something processed and squished together.

The three things I like:

Taste – The taste is pure chicken with no spices or additives. This is important if your primary use is chicken salad where you want your veggies to add the taste.

Just Chicken – The ingredients are pretty simple with chicken being number one. I’m unsure if it is breast meat only or rib meat, too. Whatever the type of chicken, it is delicious.

Price – If you wait for it to come on sale it is a great deal and a perfect way to make a lunch stretch into two days. It goes for $2.99 a can, which is good, but goes on sale for 2 for $5.00, which is awesome.

Schnucks has a great deal and their premium chunk chicken is one of them. Just wait till they go on sale and stock up.

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