Texas Roadhouse Johnston, Iowa Review

This is a review of the Texas Roadhouse location in Johnston (Urbandale), Iowa.

I travel a little bit for business, not as much as I used. Still, I enjoy the travel when it comes, but I am pretty much a stick to what I know guy when it comes to eating. When I found myself in Des Moines, IA for business I was happy that a Texas Roadhouse was across the parking lot from my hotel.

Texas Roadhouse is known for their fun dining and excellent steaks. The fun dining comes from the wait staff and the excellent steaks from their awesome cooks. When you walk in you see the meat in a cooler right in front of you.

What I liked about Texas Roadhouse in Johnston, Iowa

Texas Roadhouse Johnston, Iowa Review PhotoService – It was a very busy night when I walked in to order, but someone greeted me and let me know it would be a minute before my order was taken. No problem and I found a seat to wait. The order taker was friendly, engaging and really related to the situation.

Food – The food was delicious. I had the NY Strip smothered, which means it came with onions, mushrooms and cheese on top. I ordered the steak medium and it was prepared perfectly. I cannot overstate how important this is when you order steak.  As a side I enjoyed the fresh vegetables that were cooked great. They threw some of their rolls in, too. Warning … the cinnamon butter they include is addictive.

Speed – What impressed me the most was the speed in which my order was completed. I don’t know if they have a special queue for to go orders, but I know I received my food quicker than those seated. I appreciated it since it was a long day of travelling and I just wanted to get back to my hotel.

Scoff all you want about Texas Roadhouse being “just a chain.” They do a great job preparing fresh food quickly; more importantly, it is delicious.

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