Wind Chill Movie Review

This is a movie review of  Wind Chill.

Wind Chill is a gripping movie that is unique for a few reasons:

  • The main characters have no names.
  • It is SciFi and horror mixed.
  • Scenes are extremely moody.

The main characters are called girl (Emily Blunt) and guy (Ashton Holmes) and we never learn their names. This begins the very subtle play of the story as it unfolds.

The girl and guy have met through the need of a ride. She needs to go home from college and he is in love with her. She doesn’t know him and it very mean to him. Through this he attempts to show chivalry and interest in her. She continues to be bitchy.

After driving at night for a few hours, they are run off the road by another vehicle playing chicken on a snow covered, icy road. Here is where the scifi and horror start and I have to quite speaking of the movie. You deserve to see it without giving away any of the secrets.

What I liked about Wind Chill

Wind Chill Movie Review PhotoActing – Blunt and Holmes play their parts well, especially Blunt. There are times where you’ll feel a physical response to the meanness she directs at Holmes. Holmes, ever dutiful, attempts to evade these barbs, but you know they fin their target.

Desolation – Once the accident occurs you realize the total desolation they find themselves in. While you might yell at the screen for them to do different things, you will never shake the feeling that they are alone. Surrounded by a cold field of the unknown.

Ending – I teared up.

Wind Chill is far from a perfect movie, but it is enjoyable and you will have a good time watching it. Not too much gore and there is a plot to follow.

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