Hilton Garden Inn Toronto City Centre Review

This is a review of the Hilton Garden Inn at Toronto’s City Centre.

My stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Toronto City Centre was a happy mistake. The person who made the reservations for us just chose the first Hilton Garden Inn that came up and not the one closest to the client. When we drove to downtown Toronto I knew something was wrong. As I said, it was a very happy mistake as the hotel is fantastic.

Located on Dundes Street in downtown Toronto, there are many amenities located close to the hotel. Restaurants and shopping surround you or are a short walk away, so you’ll have no problems.

The room is spacious and I think the building was repurposed from something else since it is so well built. The bathrooms are as large as some smaller hotel rooms I’ve stayed at. Wired and wireless internet is supported, as well as a nice business center in the lobby.

The second floor workout room is on the small side, but does feature a universal weight machine, which is nice. The equipment was in working condition. The pool is fantastic with a hot tub adjacent. Both areas were clean and well stocked.

What I liked about the Hilton Garden Inn Toronto City Centre

Everyone has their brand preferences and mine is Hilton. Still, there were a few things that stood out to me about this property:

Hilton Garden Inn Toronto City Centre Review Photo

Staff – Every member of the team was cordial, friendly and asked if I needed anything. One of my fellow travelers needed to fax something back to the US and the front desk took care of him without a charge. The restaurant staff always checked to see if more drinks were needed during the breakfast buffet.

Room – As I said, the room was fantastic. Spacious and clean, it really invited you in to relax. I worked at the desk and appreciated the TV swiveling to where I could see it while I worked. The bathroom is unique in that it is open and features a window to the outside world.

Lobby – Very functional to the point where we were able to run through our presentation for the next day. There is a small food shop and business center, too.

One tip for those who stay here. The two elevator controls in the lobby are not linked, so press them both to go up. It took me a few times to realize this.

This Hilton Garden Inn is a top-notch choice when you’re traveling to Toronto.

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