Quarantine 2: Terminal Movie Review

This is a review of the movie Quarantine 2: Terminal.

I love zombie movies, so it was no surprise I liked Quarantine 2: Terminal. The movie is an extension to the original Quarantine movie … sort of a “this is the next step” sort of thing. It was a direct to video release, so not many people saw it. It’s a shame in case you like zombies.

The plot follows a regional jet and the passengers as they deal with an unknown infection. Imagine being confined in a small space like that when all the sudden one of the passengers turns into a zombie. Of course, the movie can’t go down that road too long, so the it switches gears. The decision is made to land the plane against the authorities request. This is where the fun starts and the movie gets its legs.

What I liked about Quarantine 2: Terminal

Quarantine 2: Terminal Movie Review PhotoZombies – The zombies in the movie don’t react like you think they would. They are spry, agile and determined. Somehow this makes for very surprising interactions, especially when the cast begins to put all the pieces together.

Locations – The plane location is one thing, but when they get in the terminal it really grows. They are locked in a baggae claim area and attempt to find their way out, which is what normal people would do. The authorities are always one step ahead, though. The cast plots, schemes and works to find a way out, but to also deal with the infection being spread not only by humans. This was a neat plot twist.

Ending – The ending sets up a sequel, but I loved the shot as the movie ends.

Quarantine 2: Terminal is a very solid zombie movie that tells a story through action and movement. There are a couple of unique twists, but for the most part you know what you’re getting. What makes it a great watch is the dual locations of the plane and the terminal. Excellent.

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