McDonald’s Chicken McBites Review

mcdonalds-chicken-mcbites-review-photoThis is a review of Chicken McBites from McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is sometimes maligned for their menu and offerings, but I am never disappointed with the new things they bring to life. Sometimes, they come and go, but a few make the long term menu and find the perfect combination to stay.

The combination is:

  • Taste
  • Affordability
  • Uniqueness

McDonald’s Chicken McBites meets all three parts.


I was concerned that the Chicken McBites would mostly be batter and a little chicken. Yes, that happened on a couple of pieces, but for the most part it was chicken throughout. The taste had a little bite to it and was delicious.

I’d suggest getting them as they come out. My second time getting them yielded a batch that had sat and it made a huge difference. You want fresher to so the McBites are hotter and softer.


Sold in three different size packs, you’ll find something for your price range. I’ve gone with the snack pack for $1.99 the times I have gotten them.


You can argue about this, but it is a pretty unique take on popcorn chicken that other fast food places offer. The biggest difference is the quality of the McBites compared to normal popcorn chicken. Also, the various sizes allow for a range of service options.

McDonald’s has another winner. Very tasty.

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