Acolytes Movie Review

This is a review of the movie Acolytes.

Wow. Acolytes is one of the tauter, engaging thrillers I’ve seen in a long time. Australian in origin, it is 100% suspenseful and thrilling.¬†Acolytes starts with three friends , two boys and a girl, trying to get revenge against the rapist of the two boys. It ends up as a thriller horror with twists up until the end.

Imagine this, the man who raped you and your friend is released from prison and makes it a mission to exact revenge from you. At the same time, in the woods you witness the burial of a missing girl and you see the killer getting rid of the body.

acolytes-movie-review-photoWhat do you do? Blackmail the killer to kill your rapist. Of course.

The movie has a quick pace and it’s easy to understand what is going on, but it isn’t a movie you can put on in the background to enjoy. No, Acolytes requires some investment, but is pays off.

What I enjoyed about Acolytes:

Plot: Black mailing a serial killer. Creative and very enjoyable.

Suspense: There hasn’t been a movie in years that was more suspenseful.

Ending: How can I not ruin it? All I’ll say is exciting, sad and thrilling rolled up in a great big ball of pure awesome.

The movie has no problems, so if you want to be thrilled, scared and intrigued, watch Acolytes.

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