Beanitos Cheddar Cheese Pinto Bean Flax Chips Review

This is a review of Beanitos Pinto Bean and Flax Chips Cheddar Cheese.

Chips rock, especially when they are healthy. Beanitos created a chip that combines pinto beans and flax into something that is delicious.

When you think of alternative chips you think bland, pasty and dumpy. Beanitos are the opposite of that and actually bring something new to the table. They bring a crispness, firmness and taste that won’t disappoint you.

The Good

There are three things you’ll like about Beanitos:

Protein – Each service has 4 grams compared to normal chips with 1 gram.

Fiber – 14 grams total carbs, but only 9 grams net carbs due to the 5 grams of dietary fiber.


Shape – They are round, which make them a great destination for dips. Since they are ¬†firm the dip stays and doesn’t drip off.

Flavor – The cheddar cheese flavor is super delicious.

The Bad

Broken pieces – It’s an odd thing, but about 1/5th of the bag always ends up in pieces. The normal chips come in at 1.5 inches in diameter, which as I said above, makes them perfect for dips. The problem is that a number of chips break apart and fall into the bottom of the bag.

It’s a no man’s land.

Too small to hold dip, too big to add as a topping.

Really, if broken chips is the worst thing about the Beanitos Cheddar Cheese Pinto Bean and Flax Chips, well, they rock. They do and you should try them.

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