Brother White Movie Review

This is a review of the movie Brother White.

Netflix is an awesome service for people who like movies. I mean, really like movies. They’ve worked out deals with a ton of content providers, so you never know what you’re going to get. This is the case with Brother White. Reading the description and looking at the cover, I expected a comedy. It is a Christian movie.

The movie stars David A.R. White as an apprentice preacher relegated to the basement of a mega church in sunny, suburban California teaching children while the main service is underway upstairs. He gets a chance to take part in the main service, but something goes wrong and he’s quickly dispatched to an inner city church in Atlanta. Here, he has the opportunity to lead a congregation, but it won’t last long. The bank is about to foreclose on the church at the behest of a greedy land developer. Throw in a gang leader and you have a movie.

brother-white-movie-review-photoThe plot is pretty simple. Take a white family, throw them in the inner city, watch the cultural divide flourish and laugh. White is an over eager minister trying to find his way, while the flock is just trying to hang on.

(Sidenote: David A. R. White is something of a Christian movie star. I hadn’t known this prior to watching the film)

What you’ll like about Brother White:

  1. Actors from yesteryear: Reginald VelJohnson and Jackée Harry make an appearance.
  2. David A. R. White: His acting is pretty good. In this role he plays it light enough that you feel like you’re in on a private joke with him.
  3. Senyo Amoaku: He plays the gang leader and reveals something during the movie that he handles perfectly. Great acting.

What you won’t like about Brother White:

  1. Cliched ending: Everything, and I mean everything, gets wrapped up in 2 minutes.

Brother White is an enjoyable, quick movie that the whole family can watch. Yes, you’ll see some rough edges, but if you are open to a Christian movie, Brother White won’t disappoint.

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