Casey’s 200 Dundas Street Review

This is a review of Casey’s restaurant at 200 Dundas Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Attached to the Hilton Garden Inn is Casey’s. As an American, I was unfamiliar with the brand, but I can best describe it is a a TGIFridays. There is a bar with dinning seating around the restaurant. We had just landed in Toronto, checked into the hotel and wanted something to eat at 2:00pmish.

Yes, I know Toronto is full of great places to eat, but as I said, we had just landed and checked in.

caseys-toronto-poutine-reviewWe were seated quickly since we were only one of three parties in the place, the other two were at the bar. The server was helpful and let us know about a few of the things on the menu. Drinks were ordered, as were appetizers. The drinks came quickly, but the appetizers took forever. Seriously, a long time. This was confusing as the place wasn’t busy.

Wings and poutine were ordered and finally arrived. The wings were, well, awful. I think they were overcooked. The poutine was delicious, though. My table mates had never had poutine before, so they were surprised by the composition, but they did enjoy it.

Based on how long it took to receive the appetizers, we decided to cut our losses and leave prior to ordering any meals.

Can I recommend Casey’s in Toronto? Unsure. My experience wasn’t terrific, but maybe I caught them on a bad day. The poutine was delicious.


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