Clay Pigeons Movie Review

This is a movie review of Clay Pigeons.

The Layout

Starring Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix, Clay Pigeons is a black comedy about a serial killer coming in and out of lives. It’s a movie with good pace, story and imagination. There are twists and turns you need to experience and enjoy.

Vaughn is the mysterious man coming into Phoenix’s life and it becomes apparent there is an issue. People begin dying around Phoenix and he is left to ensure no one quite catches on to what he is doing.

The movies runs a little over an hour and a half.

The Good

Vaughn and Phoenix carry the movie, but supporting roles by Georgina Cates, Phoenix’s girlfriend, and Scott Wilson, the sheriff, are fantastic.

Confluence – How the events all come together for the end is dynamite.


Vaughn – His performance bounces between fantastic and awesome.

The Bad

Chase scene – There is a chase scene in the movie that seems contrived. When it is over you think to yourself, “Well, that was stupid.”

Clay Pigeons is a solid movie that is worth your time to watch!



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