Father of Invention Movie Review

father-of-invention-movie-review-photoThis is a review of the movie Father of Invention.

Whenever new movies come onto Netflix, you can be sure that it isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster. Netflix is still working through the kinks of securing hot, new content. Every so often you come across a movie that should have been a blockbuster, but wasn’t.

Father of Invention isn’t one of those movies. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is enjoyable, but it isn’t spectacular.

The movie stars Kevin Spacey as an infomercial marketer who ends up in jail due to hundreds of people falling to injury from one of his products. Once out of jail, he begins the process of trying to heal his relationship with his daughter and grow his business.

The length of the movie is perfect and Spacey does a great job, but the story sort of falls flat.

What I liked about Father of Invention:

Spacey living with daughter: These scenes are awesome, well acted and enjoyable. The interactions among Spacey and the roommates really sets a great tone for the movie.

The fall: In the beginning of the movie you are privy to the fall of Spacey as a marketer. It’s a great setup and scene.

What I didn’t like about Father of Invention:

Craig Robinson and Virginia Madsen: Madsen plays the ex-wife of Spacey and Robinson her new love interest. While comedic, it really seems forced and doesn’t come off well.

The movie is enjoyable to watch if you like Kevin Spacey and don’t expect much. It isn’t a waste of time, but don’t expect to be laughing uproariously.

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