K-Y Jelly Review

k-y-jelly-review-photoThis is a review of the personal lubricant K-Y Jelly.

When I started writing these reviews I knew eventually that I’d have to write about something embarrassing. Today is that day. K-Y Jelly is up for review and it’s pretty much used for sexual activities. Sure, you could use it for frozen lock opening, wrestling and loosening nuts.

Speaking of loosening nuts, K-Y Jelly’s primary purpose is to help lubricate sexual situations. Unlike alcohol that takes time to work, K-Y Jelly works instantly. It differs from petroleum jelly like Vaseline in a few ways, the most important being it is water-soluble. Clean up is simple and easy. Try that with a handful of Vaseline, which takes three weeks to get rid of.

How exactly does K-Y Jelly work? Religiously. Well, chemically and religiously. The K-Y Jelly site doesn’t detail the chemicals used, but Wikipedia can hook you up. Nothing says L-O-V-E like hydroxyethyl cellulose, which covers  chemically. When you used you’ll hear, “Oh, God, Oh, God”, which covers  religiously.

Does K-Y Jelly work well? Absolutely. Without a doubt. Together or solo, K-Y Jelly can lubricate what you need when you need it.

Any issues using K-Y Jelly? Yep, after a minutes it begins to stiffen, the K-Y Jelly. Just put more on or add water. Since K-Y Jelly is water-soluble it’ll start moving freely immediately.

One word of warning … there is a difference among the K-Y Jelly generic versions. Do not stray from the name brand if you’re concerned about events lasting, such as frozen lock openings. Without a doubt I can tell you that K-Y Jelly is a personal lubricant without equal.

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