Motomart Riverview Drive Review

This is a review of Motomart on 11005 Riverview Drive in St. Louis, MO.

When I go for a bike ride I always have a destination in mind. Some people like to go out and ride just to ride, but I like going somewhere. Last summer, I decided I wanted to find and ride the St. Louis Riverfront Trail, but it happened to be on one of the hotter and humid days of the year.

The trail extends along the Mississippi River to the state line where the Old Chain of Rocks bridge is located. I made it from downtown out to the bridge, but by the time I got there I was pretty much wiped out. Needing cold water and a snack, I saw the Motomart from the Old Chain of Rocks and headed over.

moto-mart-review-riverview-photoI don’t know the history of Motomart, but I do know that every one I have been in features some sort of attached restaurant and a nice size convenience store. My hope was to find cold, cold water, something small to eat and a place to get out of the heat for a while.

The Motomart is very clean, especially the bathrooms. The cashiers were friendly and even joked with me about riding on such a hot day. I found a very cold water at a great price, plus a nice choice of fruit. Most of the times you’ll find old fruit at a gas station, but this Motomart was well stocked with fresh produce.

The attached Subway had a place to sit down and cool while I ate. Everything was clean and the TVs on the wall allowed me to catch up on news.

If you’re riding the St. Louis Riverfront Trail, stop by the Motomart to refresh. It’s a short distance from the Old Chain of Rocks and has what you need for the return leg downtown.

Here is the ride:


Chain of Rocks


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