Pop Tarts 2012 Team USA Limited Edition Review

This is a review of Pop Tarts 2012 Team USA Limited Edition.

Pop Tarts rock and from time to time they release limited editions. These are special one-off flavors or types they release to celebrate events. In this case, the special edition is to celebrate the 2012 Olympics, specifically Team USA.


They made a few changes to tweak a normal Pop Tart:

Gold foil – The Pop Tarts are wrapped in gold foil instead of silver.

Crust change – The crust changed since they decided to bake fruit directly into the crust.

Sprinkle bits – The sprinkles aren’t full size, but bits.


When you open the Pop Tarts you’ll notice the aroma. Unlike other Pop Tarts that have a laid back aroma these jump out at you. It is a fruity blend that isn’t bad. Holding them is different. The crust is flaky and more fragile than a normal Pop Tart crust. The crust tends to break off too easily.

Taste is where it’s at and the 2012 Team USA Limited Edition taste, well, awful. They are overly sweet and the filling is thick. I consider myself very flexible with Pop Tart flavors, but this one was just horrible.

I am usually a big fan of special editions, but not this time. They should be out of production by now, which is a good thing.

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