Review of Schnucks Cream Cheese Original

This is a review of Schnucks Cream Cheese Original.

Schnucks is the local full service grocery store in the St. Louis area. They are regional, but most of their stores are located in metropolitan St. Louis.

They offer a range of house brand products just like any grocery store, but they actually take the quality of their products seriously through a wide range of testing.

Their cream cheese comes in a tub for spreading just like Kraft offers. They only have one “flavor” and that is cream cheese. Other companies offer strawberry, honey, etc. Schnucks just offers the one flavor.

schnucks-cream-cheese-original-review-photoAnd it works.

The cream cheese is priced 20% less than Kraft and the quality is just as good. We’ve never had a bad batch of it and it never loses the ability to spread.

If you’re in St. Louis and looking for a way to save some money on cream cheese, go with the Schnucks brand.

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