Targus USB Optical Laptop Mouse Review

targus mouseThis is a review of the Targus Optical Laptop Mouse.

We own several netbooks, Chromebooks, laptops and desktops. I am a creature of habit when it comes to mice; they need to have the following qualities:

  • Corded
  • Three button
  • Wheel
  • Smooth

I know, it is old school to think that a corded mouse is preferable, but I don’t game. A corded mouse has always been more responsive, substantial to me. Bluetooth or even a track pad just don’t feel right to me.

The wheel us a shortcut for tons of things, so I prefer using it to move about the screen and quickly zoom in and out of information.

The problem with netbooks and Chromebooks is the size. Well, not their size, but the size of the bag you have to get for them. It is a tiny space, so your peripherals need to be tiny, too.

The Targus USB Optical Laptop Mouse (AMU51US) is the perfect size for these smaller machines. It sits in your palm with a normal almond shape, but the responsiveness is tremendous. No special drivers are needed and the wheel just works fluidly. Plug it in and go.¬†Usability is a big thing in our family and no one has an issue using it … from our preschooler to grandma.

We own three of the mice and haven’t had any issues over a three-year period. Each time add a device it is standard to buy one.

Tired of track pads? Want a real mouse? Get the Targus USB Optical Laptop Mouse and you won’t be disappointed.


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