The Traveler Movie Review

This is a review of the movie The Traveler.

Val Kilmer has entered the realm of starring in any movie that will pay him. Lots of actors end up in this realm, but Kilmer has really made it his business. The Traveler is one of the later movies for Kilmer to take a paycheck for.

It is rated R horror movie with some tinges of thriller thrown in. Running a little under an hour and a half, it plays quickly and will keep your attention.

the-traveler-movie-review-photoThe Traveler starts off with an unknown man entering a police station. His behavior is so odd that the cops decide to lock him up. Through a series of events cops start dying, which leads to the traveler being interrogated.

What you’ll like about The Traveler:

  1. The Story: It will keep you guessing, but the basic premise centers on bad cops, horrible decisions and ghosts. Kilmer plays the bad guy and a cast of others play the bad cops.
  2. The Gore: Oh, yeah, there is gore. If you are a fan, you’ll like it.
  3. Filming: I know this sounds cheesy, but the filming is terrific. Movement inside the scene and among the sets is wonderful. There is a rooftop scene that is filmed among the better I’ve seen.

What you won’t like about The Traveler:

  1. Val Kilmer Aging: Do not expect Ice Man from Top Gun. Kilmer’s put on a little weight and isn’t as spry.
  2. Plot Holes: Seriously, don’t even try to cover all the bases. If you casually watch the movie you’ll notice the movie becoming a colander, so if you really dissect it all you’ll be disappointed.
  3. Wrap Up: Oh, the ending. I had to go back a few times to make sure I confirmed what I saw and that I understood it. See the point above.

Is The Traveler going to win any awards? Nope. Is it worth your time to watch? Yes, if you are a Kilmer or horror fan. Don’t expect much and you’ll be entertained.

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