Cornered Movie Review

This is a review of the movie Cornered. Steve Guttenberg was a mainstay of movies in the  1980s. Constantly surfacing, he managed to move from comedies and into drama. Imagine my surprise when he showed up in a horror movie! Cornered tells the story of a convenience store owner, employees and customers as they deal with a serial killer. The rub is the killer is  targeting convenience stores. Through a weekly poker game, the horror movie is set in motion with an expected, but an surprising elemental ending.

The Good

Cornered Movie Review PhotoEduardo Antonio Garcia – I wasn’t aware of this actor, but his performance as the store owner really makes the movie. He is a jerk most of the time, but as the movie progresses you see his caring.

Death scenes – Almost all of the death scenes are well done, especially the “chilly” one. Are they bloody? Some. Are they scary? Yes.

Ending – By the time the ending rolls around you’ll have an enjoyable laugh.


The Bad

Pacing – Sometimes the movie just slows down to a stop. This is more noticeable in the scenes between murders and sort of irritates you.

The Verdict

Cornered is a great movie to watch with a fantastic ending. You won’t waste your time watching it and you’ll even recommend it to other people.

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