Hampton Inn Peoria, IL Winners Way Review

This is a review of the Hampton Inn located on Winners Way in Peoria, IL.

We spent time last fall in Peoria, IL and enjoyed ourselves. Our overnight was spent at the Hampton Inn on Winners Way, which as you might guess, is located next door to a casino.

I am unsure the eras of building Hampton Inns, but this one is probably 10 years old or so. You can always tell a Hampton Inn of the era due to the following:

  1. Pool is at the end.
  2. Breakfast area is in lobby without a wall or anything.
  3. Sliding doors.
  4. Front desk at opposite end of pool.

Getting to the hotel can be a little confusing. It’s off a very busy four lane state route and you have to drive through the casino hotel and parking lot to arrive at the lobby.

The Good

You’re going to like the following:

Quiet – Even though it is next to the casino, it is on an out lot. We found this to be a very quiet stay even though the hotel was full.

Clean, updated rooms – The room we stayed in was clean and updated with newer furniture and bedding. It did have a newer Hampton Inn bed, which made it great.

Close to downtown РGetting to downtown is a five minute drive, which makes it very convenient.

Hampton Inn Peoria, IL - Winners Way

The Bad

There were two things that can be considered bad:

Location of breakfast area – The breakfast area is across from the front desk and located next to the sliding front door. It was chilly the morning we ate at the Hampton Inn and you could feel it. Each time the door opened you could feel the temperature drop and the chill increase.

Driving through casino – There¬†is no direct access to the hotel since you are forced to drive through the casino area. This isn’t bad unless the casino is busy, which is was the night we stayed there.

Our stay at the Hampton Inn was terrific overall. The minor bad points paled in comparison to the value, quiet and closeness we appreciated.

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